Poetry for Fun

The Ambitious Sheep

There once was a sheep named Bernice
Who sprayed hairspray all over her fleece
It went stylish and stiff so she styled in a quiff
And was offered the lead role in Grease

©Jan Jack’s Perfect Verse 2012

A Contemporary Romance

He wore a big grey hoody, and a dab of ‘Eau de Skate’
He chose a wicked restaurant for our brilliant first date,
He ordered two huge hamburgers, with relish and some fries,
And across that plastic table I gazed deep into his eyes

 I saw his ‘HATE’ tattoo; I knew I’d found my perfect heaven,
I got to know him well, from half past ten until eleven
We had to leave quite quickly as his lovely pit bull ‘Clyde’,
Was frightening all the customers; and snarling, just outside,

He took me for a lovely walk just by the local tip,
And there over the council bins, I dropped my bag of chips,
And now a few months later, I’ve got a baby boy,
I’ve dressed him in a hoody, and I’m going to name him Troy

I know his Dad still loves me but my best mate’s not convinced,
She says “Just effin ask ‘im” …but 
I haven’t seen him since…

©Jan Jack’s Perfect Verse 2013

The Rent Collector

My mother never worked at all; she’d oversleep each day,
Us kids would sometimes ‘sleep in’ too; was usually the way,
And every week the Rent Collector would bang upon the door,
A sound we would be used to and a sound we’d just ignore,
Eventually he’d get angry; he would start to yell and shout,
So finally us kids would just get up….and let him out.

©Jan Jack’s Perfect Verse 2012

This verse is subject to copyright and cannot be reproduced without the permission of Jan Jack

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