A #WOW Award from Jacqueline Gold on Twitter for an ex Ann Summers rep!

Some people decry twitter.  Personally I love it….and I loved it even more last week when I was lucky enough to be retweeted by Jacqueline Gold  as a #WOW winner.

It’s ironic really….I used to be a rep for Ann Summers.  I started when I was a secretary.  My diary management was very impressive. Each week I managed to get my deliveries to arrive whilst the Finance Director was at the other side of the building….

I also remember a certain party when I started off a group of elderly ladies with a gentle quiz.

“Ladies” I said “Give yourselves 10 points if you’ve ever had sex on a first date”

There was indignation all round, and then one of them said “does it HAVE to be a date?”

Lovely memories, lovely products…which brings me on to some news….my book Muffs Chuffs & Nonsense is currently being reviewed by the Ann Summers  buying department.  Many of the reps have asked to sell it…..

I’ll keep you posted!

Thank you Jacqueline, for my award.  You’ve made a comedian and poet very happy 🙂   All I need to do now is get those lovely award pictures on my website.  One day I’ll be a teccie…..

STOP PRESS  The lovely Callie from Digital Dogsbody has added my #WOW badge.  Doesn’t it look posh!

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