Bespoke Wedding Speeches

Do you neeBespoke wedding speechesd to write and deliver a warm and witty wedding speech?  Standing up in front of family and friends can be so daunting. And how do you find that perfect blend of warmth and humour?  Maybe a bespoke wedding speech is your answer.


Let me take away your worry and turn your obligation into a pleasure.

I was terrified at being asked to speak at my mate’s wedding, but Jan, the funny best man speech you wrote exceeded my expectations.  Such a beautifully written blend of funny stories with a delightful touch of naughtiness! It had everyone laughing throughout & talking about it all evening.

I loved your ‘ad libs’ too – they really brought it to life. Just brilliant.

Sam S, Hants

My Bespoke Wedding Speech Service

As a comedian and poet I’ve helped many Best Men, Fathers of Brides and Besotted Bridegrooms with warm and witty bespoke wedding speeches – which they actually enjoy reading.  I also write bespoke poetry and funny wedding readings for brides too.

You’ll find samples of my bespoke poetry all though this website.

My service is very personal; contact me on 07917 127381 for an informal chat; we’ll talk about about the options within your price range and put your fears to rest.

Here’s some tongue-in-cheek advice….

The Perfect Best Man Speech

Speeches can be hard, and there are things you shouldn’t do
Don’t write your speech whilst down the pub; don’t write it on the loo,
Don’t get drunk and slur your words, or things will fall so flat,
Don’t criticise your best friend’s Mum; don’t poke fun at her hat,

Don’t mention that the bride has put on quite a lot of weight,
And never say you thought his previous wife was really great,
Don’t show them stag night photos, of him tied up to a tree –
There are certain bits of grooms that we should never have to see,

Emphasise he’s found the girl to worship and adore,
Don’t mention all the dodgy ones he might have had before,
Make a real effort and ensure you are prepared,
Speaking from the heart will show him just how much you care,

Be thoughtful, warm and funny, and don’t waffle for too long,
Or book a Perfect Verse and you will find you won’t go wrong!

©Jan Jack’s Perfect Verse 2013