Father of the Bride Speech

Your daughter is getting married – so you need to deliver a Father of the Bride Speech that’s warm and entertaining – one to make your daughter proud of you in front of all your wedding reception guests.

Worrying about your Father of the Bride speech can sometimes ruin your day – a day that should be full of joy for you and your family.

I can help you by uncovering all your memories and funny stories and touching on your special Father-Daughter bond.  We’ll bring your Father of the Bride speech to life with love and humour. Poignant, personal, and just about perfect!

Excerpt from Father of the Bride Speech

She loved her Bristol Rovers; football held her in its thrall
Her Newcastle United watch displayed upon the wall
And despite me being a doting Dad it couldn’t be much clearer
That the main man in her life back then was always Alan Shearer

With only a month to go I was so stressed worrying about my Father of the Bride speech. Jan was recommended, I gave her the information and she set to work.  When she read it back to me I went from dreading giving the speech to actually feeling excited about it!  My wife also loved it. It was a wonderful feeling to be able to stand up and say something so funny and touching at my daughter’s wedding – and it made her and her Mum cry.  I have a younger daughter and I’ll be seeking Jan out for her wedding too. I’m so glad I found her!

Alan, London

Excerpt from Father of the Bride Speech

You then trained as a florist and we watched the years just fly
A customer came in one day it seems you’d caught his eye
Very soon of course you were a huge part of his life
And now just two years later you’ve become Mark’s cherished wife
With a florist as a daughter there was certain expectation
That this very special union would result in pollination
And just last night you said to me “There’s something I must say
You’re going to be a Grandad – we’ve a baby on the way…..”

I asked Jan to help me to do a Father of the bride speech, as I was struggling to say the least. She found out all about our family & wrote a wedding poem from my heart, which when she read it to me over the phone moved me to tears! Thank you Jan 

Mick, Solihull

Excerpt from Father of the Bride Speech

You never gave us trouble when it came to going to school
You were excellent at English and you followed all the rules
You ran around the sports field and played netball like no other
The thing that you were best at though, was winding up your brother…

 All Wedding guests without exception praised it as the best Father of the Bride Speech they had ever heard – even the  photographer, who’s been to hundreds of weddings!    The humour and love projected through the verse made it absolutely perfect. Thank you.

Bruce & Wendy, Surrey

Excerpt from Father of the Bride Speech

You were always very feminine with gentle dainty ways
You loved to play with Tiny Tears – you’d dress her up most days,
Another doll was ‘cabbage patch’ –  she wasn’t very ‘ glam’,
You caused a family upset when you said “It looks like Nan”

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