Bridegroom speeches

Bridegroom speech

The Perfect Bespoke Wedding Speech

Looking for a warm funny bridegroom speech?  For the perfect bespoke wedding speech, come and talk to me.

As a comedian & poet I weave the story of your romance into witty sensitive bespoke verse, providing you with a bridegroom speech that your guests will love and you will actually enjoy delivering! Give me a ring and we’ll have a chat….

Excerpt from Bridegroom Speech

I loved your sense of humour and I loved your sense of style
We went out for some pasta, and you chatted for a while
I didn’t get a word in and I didn’t have a clue
That by the time the night was gone, I’d have a parking ticket too

 Paul, Hampshire

I commissioned Jan to write a bridegroom’s speech for me.  A woman came up to me afterwards and said it was the best bridegroom’s speech she’d ever heard.

I had them laughing, I had them crying.  They were in the palm of my hand, thanks to Jan.

Paul M, Berkshire

Excerpt from Bridegroom Speech

We’re very good together; we can’t deny that’s true
But we do have lots of differences; I’d like to share a few
Sophie’s ultra-tidy; that’s how it seems to me
Well….she calls it being tidy, whilst I call it OCD

Sophie used to do my ironing and I think there’s little doubt
If I hadn’t said “Well done Love” she might still be helping out
I wasn’t being sarcastic but she wasn’t quite convinced
So I paid for that remark as she has never done it since…”

Jan, my wedding speech gets better every time I read it!  It’s awesome!! .  Most grooms panic about their speech but now I’m really looking forward to performing mine.  Knowing that I wont worry about the speech on the day is going to help me enjoy everything.  So glad I put my faith in you – you really delivered!  

David K, Hants

Please feel free to email me or telephone me on 07917 127381  and we can discuss what options are available for your own particular budget.