Poems for Birthdays & Anniversaries

A warm and witty bespoke poem is the perfect gift for someone who has everything!  Brilliant for birthdays and anniversaries; a Perfect Verse brings laughter and tears…..and Mums especially love them!

Bespoke verse for birthdays

I’ve been writing bespoke verse since 2009, for everyone from 90 year old grandmothers down to 21 year old sons!  Each verse is full of humour and love – and each one is very different. Take a look below and you’ll see what I mean.

Be warned – the last example one is somewhat naughty – my customer said “I don’t want soppy; I want to take the mickey….

Extract from Step-Mums 60th Birthday Poem (a thank you)

I was only three years old, when you became Dad’s wife
You stepped in, and gave this girl, a different kind of life
I suddenly felt secure again; you instigated rules
You washed and ironed my uniform, ensured I went to school
It wasn’t always easy Mum;  I tested you for sure
Lost count of all those times I used to flounce back out the door
I know that I was ‘trouble’ and I could have ‘lost my way’
And Mum I often wonder…….

I commissioned a bespoke poem for my step-mother’s 60th birthday. Jan took my emailed words and turned them into the most moving, heart rending and beautiful poem I have ever seen.

I cried as I read it, my stepmum and dad cried when they read it, and it has pride of place on their living room wall.  NP, Leicester

Teasing rhyming speech for a sister’s 50th birthday

At five you liked a quiet life; were never one for sport,
The day you slid down Holbrook Hill it left our family fraught
You hurt your tiny bottom and the damage was severe
You were carted off to A & E; the family blocked their ears
You had a real tantrum and you yelled ’til Kingdom Come
When they tried to take your knickers off to bandage up your bum

(ad lib – “You’re not that shy now though are you?)

When I heard Jan speak at an event she was so funny, but she also caused a few tears. So I asked her to write my 50th birthday poem, saying “I want funny and a bit naughty please”.  It was perfect and full of cheeky innuendo which went down so well that even two of my guests asked for her details. Nicola, Surrey

Extract from (rather cheeky) rhyming speech for husband

You were born way up in Salford, three weeks after your due date
And ever since that time, you’ve never failed to turn up late
Dropped upon your head when young – that must have made you shout
No brain damage – allegedly – I think the Jury’s out….
You take our two boys swimming; then buy doughnuts, just a few,
My worry is, they might end up, too fat Brad, just like you.

My husband commissioned Jan to pen a verse for our 21st annivsary. Oh. MY.   Although she crafted the poem, it really felt as if it came from him; Jan you are truly an artist of epic ability.  Maddy H, Bristol

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