Perfect Pets!

What would your favourite four legged friend say to you if he or she could talk?

Would they complain about the restaurant service in your house?  The lack of available comfy chairs?  And what about those visits to the vet!

Capture your pet’s personality and explore their relationship with the humans in the house!  A lovely funny original birthday gift.

suki cat photo complete verse

Excerpt from “With Love from Suki”

”   ‘Dreamies’ are just heaven so you need to buy me more
Don’t bother with that catnip though; it’s such an utter bore
And don’t pull silly faces when I bring you birds and mice
It’s discouraging for a cat, Mum and it really isn’t nice…  “

 Jan recently wrote a poem for my partner & her other man (The Dog!) After providing some details about my partner, the dog and their relationship together Jan was able to write the most personal, humorous, relevant and touching piece of poetry  

Ian D, Hampshire

To Mum with love from Frazer

”  Heaven for this spaniel is a scratch behind the ear
And then a walk to Walton Wood to persecute the deer
I’m always on the lookout too; in fact I’ve heard a rumour
Of chocolate in the house – with luck it might be Montezuma…”

 Each ‘Perfect Pet’ verse costs £65 and is approximately 200 words in length.  All verses however, can be tailored to your requirements.  This price does not include framing.

Please feel free to email me or telephone me on 07917 127381  if you have any questions.