Best Man Speech

Are you feeling overwhelmed at being asked to be Best Man?  Does the thought of giving a wedding reception speech  fill you with horror?   Perhaps trying to be ‘funny’ brings you out in a cold sweat?

Let me turn your obligation into a pleasure 

Imagine being able to stand up and deliver the perfect Best Man Speech which will make everyone laugh – from grandson to grandma.  No cliches or old inappropriate ‘jokes’ but warm and witty verse, giving observations on the bride and groom.  There’s even a little bit of ‘advice’ to the bride and a few ‘ad libs’ thrown in as well – so you’re not just ‘reading a poem’.

As a comedian and poet I specialise in such wedding reception speeches; carefully crafting your information into a Best Man Speech you can’t wait to deliver.

Extract from Best Man Speech.

“I’ll finally share a memory of just one particular day,
It involves my best friend Mark, and this one never goes away!
It was the day he met my step-mum, and immediately he froze,
She was walking to our sauna and she wasn’t wearing clothes,
His mouth just dropped wide open – think the blood went to his head,
I wouldn’t like to say whose cheeks had turned the brightest red,
To be fair, she did her best, I think, to try and be discreet,
She immediately bent over and put flip flops on her feet……”

  You teased loads of funny incidents & memories out of me and put them into a perfect Best Man’s Speech, all in verse.   When you read it back to us you had my wife and I falling about laughing.

I brought the house down at the wedding reception. His close family and friends & his new wife couldn’t stop thanking me and telling me what a brilliant speech I had, and how true to character and funny it was.

Jan, the job you did went way beyond merely satisfactory.  You took a really stressful job off my back and made delivering the wedding speech an absolute joy

Gordon T, Surrey

Extract from Best Man Speech

“Today Ken’s army uniform looks smart and full of style
Which IS a little strange, as it’s been mothballed for a while
He used to wear it all the time, there were no ifs and buts
A mechanic, he would lie there and he’d tighten up his nuts

And now his tools lay dormant, in deepest darkest slumber
As Kenny now has, what we call, a really cushy number
He’s now a Sergeant Major and he’s very influential

In helping future officers, assessing their potential…” 

Words like ‘excellent and ‘brilliant’ are often used out of politeness & obligation to describe adequate.

Jan is the genuine article, truly deserving those accolades. She wrote a wedding speech in verse  for a special friend.  Result?   BRILLIANT.  It captured the personalities & life of the wedding couple in an emotional, hilarious & uplifting way. 

Gary, Rickmansworth

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