Funny Wedding Poems for Brides

So…you’re getting married and you want a funny wedding reading. You can find plenty on the internet – but wouldn’t it be fabulous to be able to read something original?  Something that’s all about you and your partner?

Excerpt from Bride’s Speech

Lee loves to help his friends out – he’s clever and he’s funny
He’s never late for anything and very good with money
He often uses spreadsheets just to see where money goes
He doesn’t need that spreadsheet – I can tell him – shoes and clothes!

As a comedian/poet I can write your bespoke wedding speech or funny wedding poem for you.  We’ll touch on the dynamics between you and your partner and together we’ll produce a funny wedding poem for your wedding reception, which your guests – and your partner- will love.

  When I got married I wanted something different. Jan suggested a “Dream for Old Age” – all our funny ways projected into the future. There was so much laughter!  It just felt so personal.  Jan thank you for your inspiration, concept and clever words and for helping make my wedding a truly magical day 

Alice A, Surrey

Excerpt from “A Dream for Old Age”

Growing old together will be truly quite sublime
By then, we might be managing to get somewhere on time
 When we get our bus pass we will really get around
Off at every stop, to see the sights of Guildford town
I’ll still be singly loudly as I’ll always be quite vocal
We’ll still do Sunday crosswords, but by then we’ll need bifocals…

 My bride’s speech was fab! It had hilarious moments alongside sincere thoughts. It left my guests with a lasting impact about our relationship and my thoughts for my husband! Thanks Jan! I could not recommend her enough 

Emma S, Christchurch

Excerpt from Bride Speech

I’m disorganised and muddled and he’ll fret and moan and mutter
He even bought a book for me “Ten Ways you Can De-Clutter”
It probably was an excellent book; it could have saved some stress
But I couldn’t ever find it; it got lost in all my mess

 After trawling through hours of poems from books I just couldn’t find the perfect reading for our wedding. I stumbled across Jan Jack’s website and sent her a pleading enquiry for something special.  Jan wrote two personalised poems – one from each of us – that were heart warming, loving, incredibly funny and just perfect for our wedding. I couldn’t have been happier with what she wrote for us. I would 100% recommend her, in fact I already have 

Katie M, Herts

Please feel free to email me or telephone me on 07917 127381  we we can discuss what options are available for your own particular budget.