Bespoke Wedding Speeches & Bespoke Poetry from Perfect Verse

Jan Jack, comedian, speaker & poet, is one of the UK’s leading writers of funny bespoke wedding speeches & bespoke poetry & verse for all occasions 

Jan Jack

Bespoke poetry & verse from comedian/poet Jan Jack

Are you looking for a bespoke wedding speech that’s warm, witty and original?  Or perhaps you’re seeking a funny bespoke poem for a birthday or anniversary?

As a comedian/poet I write warm & witty bespoke verse for all occasions.

My service is very personal; all you need to do is provide the information and upon completion I will give you a call.  Your bespoke verse will then be read to you; in this way I can ensure that together we’ve ‘hit the spot’. I regularly perform on the stage so if your Perfect Verse is to be read aloud I can also advise you on timing and delivery techniques.

I’m usually pretty booked up, so I respectfully ask three weeks, if possible, to craft each piece.  If you’ve left it a bit late don’t worry – I will aim to help you if I can.

My prices start from £135 for 300 words.  If you have any questions just drop me a line or give me a ring on 07917 127381, and let’s have an informal chat.

Jan Jack’s Perfect Verse Bespoke Poetry is proud to be a
Theo Paphitis Small Business Award Winner

Personalised Poems from Perfect Verse wins Theo Paphitis SBS Award

Award winning bespoke verse from Perfect Verse

I am distinctly unfunny, so when I was asked to give a funny Best Man Speech I went into meltdown.  Luckily I found Jan.  Not only did my wedding speech make everyone laugh, it made them cry too.  I never thought I’d enjoy delivering a Best Man Speech – but I did.  Absolutely amazing!

Neil L, Hampshire

Jan wrote a fantastic 70th birthday poem for my Mum.
It summed up our family beautifully & caused happy memories to leak out of both her & my fathers eyes. It’s on her bedroom wall & she reads it everyday.
It means a lot more now dad has passed away. Thank you from the bottom of my heart you talented lady.
Mel, Berkshire

 Jan, you captured exactly what I was looking for. What a funny Best Man Speech – it went down brilliantly!  It got all the laughs in all the right places, and the bride and groom were blown away, as were the guests.  I can’t thank you enough.  What an amazing gift you have!

Cliff, Somerset

Excerpt from 30th Anniversary Speech

You made some birthday cocktails, Mike, which brought us to our knees
I’m not sure what was in there; my best guess is anti-freeze
You say that you’ve stopped smoking which is something of a joke
As from our garden shed I still see tell-tale wisps of smoke
With Arsenal on the telly, you’re a happy man for sure
But a bit of ‘Holby City’ sends you racing out the door