Bespoke Poetry Samples

You’ll find samples of my bespoke poetry sprinkled through most pages – with more examples below

Funny Best Man Speech (Extract)

Now Pete is marrying Katie, and it’s obvious when we chat,

He loves everything about her…if you don’t include her cat,

The cat is now his rival; has his own particular chair,

He doesn’t make much noise, but Pete just hates the fact he’s there,


Pete will go out cycling…he’s out in any weather,

I join him fairly often; we go up the hills together

He’s really not that fit – he puffs so much he’ll almost burst

But when we’re headed downhill you can bet he’ll get there first


He’s even bought a tandem, he says Katie doesn’t mind

Just gazing at his bottom whilst she’s pedalling behind….

She wasn’t very keen at first; that nearly fell quite flat

But if Katie doesn’t go, Pete, you could always take the cat…

A Letter to 'Mum'

I’m so proud of this verse, which helped to reunite an estranged mother and daughter-in-law


These words are written from my heart and sent with love today,

This time of year is special, Mum; there’s much I’d like to say,

For twenty one long years, you were a huge part of my life,

You welcomed me with so much love when I became Dave’s wife,


Recollections, which I hold so dear remain, indeed, so strong,

Our early years were wonderful, in those days, nothing wrong

I remember family Christmases, with stockings every year,

We were adamant we wouldn’t let that habit disappear,


Your ways are quite ingrained in me; I’ve made it such a mission,

To follow in your footsteps and keep all of your traditions,

To visit you for Sunday lunch was always such a treat,

Times were more straightforward then; our lives seemed so complete,


But life can sometimes be so cruel; it really made its mark,

When we learned that Ian had lost his life, whilst serving in Iraq,

The sun went down for all of us in just one dreadful day,

And for Anne, such terrible tragedy; a baby on the the way,


But this family stands together, compassionate and true,

You’ve supported Anne so beautifully; you always helped her through,

I know you were distraught when Dave and I went separate ways,

But we’d struggled for so long; we’d had so many troubled days,


Separation isn’t easy; it brings deep abiding pain,

For us, it was the best thing, there was no-one else to blame,

I still care for him so deeply, and this I hope you know,

But in order to be happy, we had to let each other go,


I know that Dave is settled now; his smile is back once more,

But I’ve struggled with this ‘moving on’ it’s hard to close a door,

I really miss my nieces, so much more than you could know,

I used to love to be with them, to watch them play  and grow,


These very precious memories mean I often sit and dwell,

And Mum, I need to tell you, that I’m missing you as well,

I miss your hearty laughter; miss the comfort in your smile,

I miss your loving hugs Mum; and I have done, for a while,


Time is very precious; it often marches on too fast,

And a gulf sometimes appears; becomes too deep, too wide too vast,

Please don’t let this happen Mum, I know we’re now ‘apart’

But you’ll always be a part of me, tucked deep within my heart,


You’re Grandma to my children; that’s a thing we’ll always share,

And I need to let you know, this year, how very much I care,

And I hope these special words today will truly help you see,

That whatever might have been and gone, you’ll still be ‘Mum’ to me

©Jan Jack 2010

70th Birthday Poem for Dad (extract)

…..We had so many pets, we had most everything we wished,

Budgies, rabbits, guinea pigs, and loads and loads of fish,

Remember all the arguments, the times that you would shout?

“Claire, this isn’t MY job; come and clean this fish bowl out!”

..You’ve whizzed across to San Tropez, you’ve motor-homed in Spain

Been prostrate on an air bed whilst out camping in the rain

These days you go off cruising; like to wear your dinner jacket,

The one that Mum describes as “having cost a ruddy packet

You’re seventy today, Dad, and that’s so hard to believe,

I’m proud that you’re my Dad; so proud of all that you’ve achieved

Thank you for our memories, for a childhood full of fun,

The support you always give and….….

Funny Wedding Poem for Mother of the Bride (Extract)

You used to dress as Wonder Woman; what a fine creation,

If your Sindy doll annoyed you she would face decapitation,

(AD LIB – so Chris, you need to careful...)

You loved to dress in all my clothes for you that held appeal

I’d often see you tottering around on my high heels

You’d play with all my make up and then spirit it away

Nothing much has changed because you still do that today

One day whilst on twitter you despatched a little tweet

Which Chris then duly answered which is how you came to meet…  

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